DDF Network is an Adult Entertainment portal presenting various niche websites in High Definition for erotic minded adults. Originally from a background of Glamour Photography, the level of quality and the beauty of the stars performing on the Network are first-class.

Approaching the 15 year anniversary of existence in cyber space, we decided to give back to our community with the very first “Contest-X”, and at the same time peer into your dirty, ahemm, creative minds and see if we have some advertising geniuses we might recruit into our inner circle. We don’t post jobs in the classifieds, so if you’ve ever dreamt of being involved in the Adult Industry, consider this the chance of a lifetime.


Below you can find all the dirty little details as to how you can compete in the contest and make History.

Top prize includes roundtrip airfare to Budapest, limousine pickup from airport complete with champagne and DDF babes greeting the winner at the airport, a 5 day series of fun events, live filming experience at world famous DDF studios, starlet interviews, lunches, dinners, party nights, and fun activities with starlets and staff in the fantastic city of Budapest. How to Win? There are some Rules and guidelines you should follow as well as more detail about the Contest. Interested? Read on, and Best of Luck!

Create a compelling mainstream advertisement for DDF Network compatible with mainstream outlets such as television, social media (youtube, facebook, google), print, billboards and or magazines. The key would be to present DDF Network in a way thats fun, sexy, cool, and cutting edge. Top entry wins a once in a lifetime dream-trip to Budapest, Hungary and DDF's production studios. If we're really compelled by your idea, you may even land a job as a creative director. Are you up for the challenge?

In this day and age, erotic entertainment has become less underground and more acceptable, but it's still considered taboo in some circles. Marketed properly and keeping within all consensual laws it can be a remarkable tool for stress release, fun and even educational. Lets face it, not everyone knows what a creampie or a jackhammer is. Could you be the person to propel erotic entertainment into the mainstream?

Here's your chance to show us what you think is an acceptable mainstream promotion for the adult industry. Think about what you would find exciting to see on billboards or even on national late night television as a promotion for erotic entertainment. Now think of that same promotion in a room filled with your friends and family.

What were looking for is something that blurs the lines and excites people without making them feel embarrassed or ashamed that they are looking at erotic entertainment. Use fantasy and skill to create sexy, cool, smart ads or satiric promotions which would be acceptable on any of the mainstream media available today and take your chance to win big! You can use any of the footage from our idea kit, our websites, or completely create your own.

The main prize is a 1 week trip to Budapest, Hungary including airfare, a limousine pickup, visit to world famous DDF Studios, experience a live filming, pornstar interviews, parties and fun activities with some of the DDF Starlets, dinners and lunches, the list goes on. King or Queen for a week. An experience like no other. Contest is open to anyone of the legal age to view adult related content.

Your creativity could land you a top job in this fun and exciting industry. So if you've got the ideas to propel us into the mainstream media and you have a passion for adult entertainment, then don't hesitate. We want to hear from you! Read the rules, download the idea kit and release your creativity. Top submissions will all be contacted, and we have various other prizes such as monthly, yearly, and lifetime memberships for those with the most creative works!

Fly to DDF Studios

Roundtrip airfare to Budapest, Hungary


Royal Treatment

Limo Pick-up + Champagne + DDF Starlets


Live filming

Experience a live filming at DDF Studios


Interview a star

Ask an adult industry starlet a series of interview questions.


Meals on us

Including : Hooters Budapest - Hard Rock - Rocco's


Evening Activities

Exit Games - Pool Challenge - Strip Clubs - Massage


Make history

Personal photos and autographs with DDF Starlets


Party Hard

Party Nights in world famous Budapest

TDJ Ms Lynna

The Idea Kit

You can download logos, images, and information documents on the brand and other source files to be (or not to be) used in your contest entries. Don't be afraid of creating your own footage and using your own images in your submissions. However keep in mind that DDF Network should be the focus of the campaign and it should be projected in your work.

Logos Pack

Vector, and rendered .png image files you can use in your entries.

Image Pack

A selection of hot girls you can use for your idea, all in HQ .png & .jpg files format.


Super-sexy, super-soft videos you can use while creating your submission.

The Rules

You can submit still ads, animated gif's or short movies in .mp4 format. There is no limit on the number of submissions per person, but we suggest to submit a concise and constructive marketing advertisement that clearly defines your ideas. Submissions deadline: 16th March 2015

Please make sure that you have permission to use any media you submit. Illegal or stolen content will be disqualified.
Please abide by the following criteria regarding presentation:
- Suggestive, but not offending
- No nudity and specifically no genitalia should be visible in advertisements. Also descriptions and text should not be too hard or dirty, but teasing, and exciting.
All submissions should be social media friendly.Keep it sexy, fun, classy and super cool. Cutting edge even. The sky's the limit really. Think on a high level. This is you putting the adult industry on the map at an entirely different level. Show us what you’ve got!
For full access to our library of movies and photos you must be a member of DDF Network. Upon being a member, you can use any of the photos and videos, cut and edited to your liking. If we find you have used stolen content you will be disqualified. A discount link for membership is provided below:
DDF Network Join Page